Vanessa BARDECHE  Lawyer offers its clients complementary skills combining its expertise to meet the needs that may require certain activities. The firm operates in both counseling and litigation.


Vanessa BARDECHE Lawyer, also assists its clients in their international development work and also its foreign clients with activities in France.


The firm assists clients with international business in the resolution of disputes involving parties from different countries.


The law office provides dynamic advocacy in civil, commercial, criminal and arbitration courts.




Vanessa BARDECHE attorneys involves in the management and monitoring of the pre-litigation level records and litigation, risk assessment and likelihood of success, the development of judicial strategies, preservation of evidence, the implementation of safeguards and security and the monitoring of the execution of judgments.



Vanessa BARDECHE lawyer works with a wide range of companies face very different contractual issues such as:


  • International Business Transaction

  • International regulation

  • Customs

  • International business arbitration

  • The firm handles cases in general commercial litigation : credit recovery (invoice, unpaid rent, IOU)

  • Disputes the conclusion of commercial contracts: difficulty of execution (delivery, transport, payment), the law of intellectual property (trademarks, patents and designs).

  •  The development and products distribution

  •  The Consumer Relations

  •  The development of industrial partnerships

  •  The development of services

  •  IT projects

  •  The purchase of intellectual services

  •  The manufacture and marketing of products and / or services under brand licensing

  •  The management and sale of intellectual property rights

  •  Distribution , competition and consumer

  •  Right - social / human resources


VB Lawyer helps companies collectively or individual and acts as the board at all courts and administrative litigation, labor board. Consultation, negotiation, writing act, transaction, representation before courts (industrial tribunal, court administration).








The Law firm works on all issues of intellectual property advice and litigation.



  •  Securing intangible assets

  • Trademark registration of designs at European, national , and international in collaboration with our partners,

  • domain name reservation

  • Securing the use of creations ( contracts with the creators and service creation , transfer of right of authors employees , verifying the validity of the distinctiveness and the availability of brands.)

  • Development of operating modes: Selection modes of dissemination and distribution, authorization, assignment to copyright

  • Litigation: defense of intellectual property rights

  • Opposition proceedings in trademark registration before the INPI and WIPO

  • Alternative procedure for resolving disputes relating to domain name ( UDRP , ADR , etc)

  • Definition of litigation strategy

  • Pre-litigation : injunction , finding an amicable solution , analysis of the levels of risk

  • Entering counterfeiting and infringement proceedings before the special courts, action for unfair competition and revocation action





Family raises more and more international issues :



  • Divorce

  • Child custody

  • Inheritance

  • Adoption

You need to know which court has jurisdiction. You also need to know which law applies. Choose nht, a French firm dedicated to International Family Law.


Deciding to pursue divorce is one of the most difficult decisions, particularly if you have children. Divorce also involves financial matters that must be resolved and legal issues that must be addressed.

French courts have jurisdiction to pronounce the divorce:

  • When the two spouses live in France
  • When one of the spouse lives in France with the children
  • When one of the defendant lives in France
  • When one of the spouse is a French citizen even if the two spouses live abroad


In France, there are two types of consensual divorces:

Divorce "par consentement mutuel": the two spouses agree on every consequence of the divorce. They can therefore be represented by the same lawyer.

Divorce "accepté": the two spouses agree on the principle of divorce but they disagree on some consequences. Two different lawyers are required. 

One of the spouses can also file for a divorce based on fault (divorce pour faute), such asadultery, mental illness, conviction of a felony, abandonment, drug abuse,cruelty, impotency and bigamy.

If one of the spouses refuses to get divorced and no fault can be proved, a petition for divorce can finally be brought if one of the spouses proves that the couple has been separated for at least two years (divorce pour altération définitive du lien conjugal).





  • ​​Assisting companies in their relations with the institutions of representative staff and administrations (Labor Inspectorate and DDTE)

  • Start Negotiation leaders

  • Drafting employment contracts and complex clause

  • Writing Plan Safeguarding jobs

  • Assistance and representation of companies and executives to Councils Prud'homme and Social Chambers Court of Appeals






Vanessa BARDECHE Lawyer, also assists its clients in their international development work and also its foreign clients with activities in France.


The firm assists clients with international business in the resolution of disputes involving parties from different countries.



  • International private law (determination of the competente jurisdiction and the apllicable Law)

   - Marriage

   - Divorce

   - Adoption


  • Internationale mobility


  •  Immigration, asylum, family reunification


  • International Business Law ( International regulation and customs etc.)


  • International Business Arbitration





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